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Awesome concept, but more importantly - amazing animation!
I really loved the art style, and the layering effects of the landscape (how closer trees would move faster than the ones further back).
Keep at it, man! This is some great stuff here.

Thought you could've done a lot better concerning the animation itself. You seem to have a decent understanding of walk cycles and other basic motion. Some of the art could have been enhanced, such as the backgrounds and even the facial images (Elvis, etc).
I did get a kick out of the "Baby Boom" joke, though.
Overall, the concept was nice, but I feel that more effort could have been put into it.

theamazingjamez responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

It seemed...empty.

I noticed that there was no ambiance whatsoever. Occasionally, when the bride was talking, there would be that "electric buzz" from the voice actress' mic. When someone else was talking, the video was dead quiet besides this. I would've put in some quiet sounds, such as wedding music or birds singing (in case a window was up.). The animation was fine, itself.

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sirjeffofshort responds:

Yeah, I can definitely see what you're saying. I probably need to have someone who is much more audio minded than myself take a pass at our cartoons in the future.

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Incredibly fun, but painfully basic. Try enhancing the visuals a bit, and this has some definite potential!
Loved it!

Kwing responds:

I felt like the graphics looked best this way, given the context. If I make another version, I may try going for an isometric view, which would allow me to crank the graphics up a couple notches. As it is, I don't feel like the graphics can be improved much. Even Stick Arena, which was made by and is maintained by a team of people, uses black blobs as graphics.

Woohoo Charak!

It's good to see you got this up! The gameplay is sweet, and it stayed true to the original. As for the artwork, really well done! Overall, the only bug I found was switching direction mid-air. I locked up and couldn't fire again.

Immediately, I thought "Canabalt"

This is a nice little game. I love horizontal distance games. This one is special in that you can unlock upgrades. The only problem I have is that once get get up to about twenty-five MPH, if you fall, the game seems terribly slow starting at five MPH.

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Expirimenting with new instruments? Love the pick slide!

I loved the Extras in each song.

The most notable ones were the Super Mario Bros. themes (Overworld and Underground). The few extra notes added so much emphasis on a small part of the song which called for an accented sound. I loved it!

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Great! But...

The only problem is that the lyrics are a bit indecipherable...this is REAL PUNK!!!! Which means i really like it!

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Excellent shading, one complaint.

I rather liked the light gray to medium gray shading, especially in the back. However, when I brought up the full sized image, it seemed a bit pixel-y in the edges. Other than that, I like the overall difference of the piece, as llamas are usually projected as fun loving creatures.

In conclusion, well done.

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corsetfetish responds:

As you say, i wanted to reflect the "bad bad" side of lama. other than that- the pixel-y looking was my own opinion because it's going to be a flash game character. thaks : )

great work!

This guy kind of reminds me of Murdoc from Gorillaz.
I love the paper background, and the visible guidelines on the left piece.
You seem pretty good at and drawing, and all of your work submissions show it.

For the art portal...

MS Paint is bad. Get an art program. Or at least a scanner.
Don't expect to get scouted with this stuff

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